Allude cashmere

In the collections of Germany's leading cashmere brand, sensual sexuality is surprisingly combined with practicality.

Cashmere is dear first of all, because every cashmere goat gives 100 grams of wool once a year. For a high-quality pullover, you need 300 grams of wool!

Andrea, the brand's founder, uses the potential of the fabric to the maximum. "Cashmere is the finest and most luxurious material in the world," she admires. - There are many ways to process it, especially when it comes to knitted jersey. In addition, cashmere is beautifully colored - it always looks fantastic on colors."

In her autumn-winter collections, Andrea uses such vivid expressive colors as fuchsia, lemon yellow, scarlet, lime, emerald and blue, and boldly puts them next to stylish neutral tones - sandy, nutty, brown and ivory.

Fashion expert Svetlana Shevel at the famous exhibition in Paris - Tranoï - selected the spring collection Allude! Nude, apple, heavenly - these shades play a leading role in the color range of cotton, wool and cashmere products brand Allude.





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